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Reminds me of , down over the hill in Wonowon at the Blue Berry Camp, remembering, this is an Elk, but I saw a Moose and her Calf, so majestic, awww the memories.

Teenaged Buck, Perrysburg, Ohio by Gator 5, via Flickr

Muuh!...I´m Surprised With This Page...Samissomar´s Pinterests Are Such A Wonder !...

Red Deer Stag by Benjamin Joseph Andrew, via Flickr

Bull elk. ©Jerry Mercier

Red Deer are the fourth largest deer species, with only moose, elk, and sambar deer outmatching it in size. In medieval England, the Red Deer was a prestigious quarry. [Photo by Edwin Kats.]

Been up close and personal with some of these

After much laughing and calling names from the other deer, Carl finally got up the nerve to taste it.

Love to see this guy in the woods.