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no matter how long my hair is my ponys never look this sleek. someone show me the secret. I'm convinced its a mini bump it and extensions.

Probably going to be my next hair color...I just need to get the courage first!

" sun is always shinning in the sky somewhere" My dad says this all the time. A good quote for my next tattoo

match lipstick color to clutch | LBV♥✤ | KeepSmiling | BeStayElegant

Waves. [Been trying to achieve these for a long time, don't know if it's possible with my thick and heavy hair] #hair

I am so back and forth, but I'm thinking when my hair grows out again....this look would be perfect for spring/summer.

PIN UP Headband ROCKABILLY Wired Fabric Dolly Bow by Nachibands

Cute, choppy, shaggy, short hair cut love cut, not so much the color