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Dragonfly thigh tattoo by Cara Hanson

My Tattoo Means I Wanted It So I Got It, sometimes we get them for our own reasons, no explanation required! www.aesoporiginal...

Pretty Anchor Tattoo

Anchor tatoos | Laser Tattoo Removal - Page 2

Colorful Flower Anchor Tattoo on Wrist

Marketplace Tattoo Anchor #19687 |

anchor feather tattoo - 35 Awesome Anchor tattoo Designs ~ ❤ ~

Anchor tattoo; would look really cool with butterflies.

I'm not about the anchor tats, but I love this style with the birds behind the anchor.

"I just got this yesterday :)My daddy is a fisher so I made it for him !I got it a Studio Ironik, in Laval, Quebec/Canada by Frank. "

Kelly Smith is a fashion illustrator, specialising in portraiture and beauty.

Anchor tattoo meaning - Hope, Safety, Fidelity, Stability, Security, Salvation. Can be seen symbolically as something that holds you in place and provides you the strength to hold on no matter how rough things are. Peonies for Brooke!

I love the contrast between the sharp black lines of the anchor with the soft colorful lines of the flowers. Beautiful

This is AMAZING!! Those water drops look SO real! I would LOVE to have this tattoo if I knew someone who could do it this good!


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These Photos Of Wounded Veterans Are Both Sexy And Inspiring - BuzzFeed News

These Photos Of Wounded Veterans Are Both Sexy And Inspiring - BuzzFeed News

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Music tattoos. These designs would be cute for arts and crafts if you're not into tattoos. :)

my foot would actually make for a good portrait spot because I can still be professional and my dog likes resting his head on my foot :)

[[]] i want an ocean scene on my left leg, with the colorful coral reef beginning around my ankle/foot top and about halfway up my shin [[]]

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