fun fact

Lmbo wow.... <3

Most definitely one of the greatest photos ever taken.

Heath Ledger silenced Michael Caine with his awesomeness....

Batman & Bane hug

never noticed until now. Irony Alert!

Bones being Bones

Joker; then, now. (Batman)

superhero socks with capes! $15.00

too cute

This is QUITE POSSIBLY the greatest pin EVER. Why is NO ONE staring at the smart car on the subway!!?!?!??!

This is the greatest thing I've seen, ever.

Batman/Bruce wayne v tony stark/iron man. Batman ftw all day everyday!, Go To to get more Gossip News!

When you need a laugh, Diane!


The Dark Knight Trilogy

Joker Quotes

That time Superman’s stupidity was physically painful. | 15 Times Batman Was 100% Done With The Justice League

Today was a good day…