Bean house...

bean house.

Bean House

How to build My 50 Dollar Greenhouse

Framed structure to grow peas and beans and supply shade for other plants

Which Trellis is the Best Trellis? Lots of different trellis ideas here!

Building a Living Fence

Both a Beautiful Backyard and a Farmer's Market!

little garden house made with 5 old doors...

Pierre Nessmann - Fabriquer une bordure en plessis

Building a Sunflower House for Your Kids

Bean Teepee - SO CUTE!


Saving Vegetable Seeds

How To Build A Green House For $50 (DIY photos, tips, advice) or a chicken coop

great ideas using egg shells, coffee beans, flour and others in the garden!

Love this trellis!

Vertical gardening - it maximizes your harvest, makes the most of limited space, doesn't require lots of bending, and keeps your veggies away from pests and rot. This easy-to-assemble kit lets you grow vertically vining plants either against a wall, or as a free-standing unit using your own posts. Takes up just four square feet of growing space but produces more vegetation than a 24 square foot plot! Perfect for tomatoes, pole beans, cucumbers, or any vining plants.

Cucumber growing Box. This might be good for peas and beans too.

5 best container vegetables for beginning gardeners, container gardening, gardening