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  • Carly Gates

    mini kip! napoleon dynamite. One day, when i have a little boy would it be evil to have him dress up similar to this little character :)

  • Allyson Smoot

    best halloween costume idea ever.

  • Lindsay K

    from Napoleon Dynamite - my future kid's Halloween costume, whether he likes it or not! hehe

  • Right As Rain Creations

    Lafawnduh - This is a hilarious kid's costume! Napoleon Dynamite

  • Olivia Wall

    LaFawnduh is *the* best thing that has ever happened to me. I'm 100% positive she's my soul mate. Napoleon Dynamite ❤


    kid's costume- KIP from Napolean Dynamite

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Napoleon Dynamite. Each scene deadpan hilarious. Top five funniest movies ever.

idk why this made me laugh so hard haha. please tell me im not the only one who read that in the napoleon voice???

Napoleon Dynamite Pick-Up Line

When i saw this in theaters I was angry for wasting my money... when I tried to explain this at home I got sent away from the table for laughing too hard. It sneaks in there like virus

how i feel when I see these tacky quotes on pinterest and facebook

Best Halloween costume ever. Hahahahaha dying http://Monica Forghani Forghani Rosario http://jen S http://Bree Tichy Tichy C.

- Napoleon in Napoleon Dynamite (2004) ugh I hate chickens. Especially when they have large talons.

Stay home and eat all the freakin chips, Kip! I can't help but love it...

So cute! This is my future family :) Of course, twenty years from now people won't really get it as much, but...

It makes me sad that by the time I have children, they may not even recognize this movie anymore :/