James Turrell, Skyspace

James Turrell - Skyspace (ongoing project)

This is an piece by James Turrell. Because sunlight is coming in from that one opening, the circle of light moves. I am thinking it can be interesting for us - the idea of a specific beam of light.

Iván Navarro, Post, 2013

James Turrell, Roden Crater. Bronze stairs leading from inside the crater to the summit. Photo by Ed Krupp.

James Turrell, Skyspace

James Turrell, Sky Tunnel at the Roden Crater

James Turrell, Irwin James, Robert Turrell, Art Spacing, Robert Irwin

James Turrell, house of light

Environnements perceptuels

james turrell

James Turrell Transforms the Guggenheim

Arcangelo Sassolino

138 (Broken Triangle) i - sculptural assemblage by aaron s moran for If you resist this! collaboration with writer Taryn Hubbard | Reclaimed wood, acrylic, primer, india ink, cast cement 14 x 10 x 13 #sculpture #recycled

James Turrell 'Stone Sky'

James Turrell's Deer Shelter at Yorkshire Sculpture Park. Its a hole you look at the sky. Sounds rubbish, It isn't.

Light glowing from the wall, 2006, © James Turrell, courtesy Pace Gallery / Photo by: Genevieve Hanson

Ophelia, Michael James Talbot

LACMA Store - James Turrell: Key Lime Poster

Anthony James . 2008