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Ok, I previously said I didn't know what this was or what it meant. Guess my brain was asleep. It's a stamp, from the Democratische Deutsches Republik, aka East Germany! Thanks to the comments for jogging my Deutsch memory! :)

I think I'll be getting a stamp with my logo... such an easy way to personalize simple packaging instead of paying for personal printing.

stamps designed by @Emma Robertson for Amanda Scott Photography

stamps// these are very fun .Check the web sites photos on the right to see how they are used

great idea. with a fabric ink stamp pad I can label the kids school clothes (on adhesive labels or directly on fabric) ~ how do I get one of these?

Malota Something about this I like.

girl stamps _ great design

I love the stamp aesthetic. There's great contrast between the font sizes and nice juxtaposition of serif and sans serif fonts.

From the Desk of / new beech wood stamps from Present and Correct.