Use a head of cabbage to make a floral stamp

Hand Stitched Business Cards

packaging stamp

like concept of having the brand in the middle of the neg space being printed

SANTS SERIF by Santos Henarejos. Clever!! Unbeatable in cost/effect!

Clever "business card" design by Fischer Portugal utilizes a self-inking rubber stamp and any nearby piece of paper to create an eco-friendly card for an environmental consultant. Brilliant!

Mylène Poisson identity.


Peter Duong #business #card

wallets from Fellow Fellow

stationery set

American Crafts Roller Date stamp: available in the US here:

SOHO House Stamp and Olive Branch Card / Paper & Type

Blog designs | Dear Miss Modern

stamp trend

Fawnsberg Port Stamp, $35- 10.12 Shipping Stamp!!!

New brand identity for Dots, Spain´s top selling doughnuts and bakery brand PD