SANTS SERIF by Santos Henarejos. Clever!! Unbeatable in cost/effect!

packaging stamp

Fawnsberg Port Stamp, $35- 10.12 Shipping Stamp!!!

Mylène Poisson identity.


Hand Stitched Business Cards

Clever "business card" design by Fischer Portugal utilizes a self-inking rubber stamp and any nearby piece of paper to create an eco-friendly card for an environmental consultant. Brilliant!

like concept of having the brand in the middle of the neg space being printed

ampersand letterpress type

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잎을 사용해서 편지지를 디자인 한다는 발상이 너무 마음에 들었고 자연의 느낌을 들어 편안함을 조성하는 디자인. Japanese design studios neo-green and eding:post have collaborated on ‘leaf letter’, a series of postcards, stationary and envelopes in the shape of leaves. Love this invitation packaging concept PD

Use a head of cabbage to make a floral stamp

KMG - Kathy McGraw Graphiques - Blog - BUDGET DESIGN: Hand Stamped Business Cards

stamps designed by @Emma Robertson for Amanda Scott Photography

this is cool.. maybe i just want to be able to get a stamp

Blog designs | Dear Miss Modern


Date stamp

bags and stamps