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black cat -reminds me of toothless from how to train your dragon

Jeeves. Place the glass on the table. I want to knock it off.  *moustache kitteh

Kittenstache uses a combination of commercial and proprietary adhesives to appropriately put mustaches on adorable kittens. Our kitten wranglers are gentle and very few kittens are damaged.

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This looks so much like our cat when she was younger - amazingly black and with a beautiful button nose. get some yourself some pawtastic adorable cat apparel!

Stuck in the shoe!

If the shoe fits. Cat humor, "I'm Cinderella! Cute little kitty with his whole body fitting inside sandal. My cat tries to fit in shoes.

La dolcezza è propria di chi sa tacere nonostante abbia un cuore che grida B.Dreams ♡

Little boy and orange kitten! Just adorable! Is there really anything cuter than the bond between children and their pets.