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Love this idea for helping the birds.

If you have a bunch of scrap yarn this spring, it's time to help out the birds! The Scrap Yarn Bird Feeder is a great and easy way to use up your scraps and help the birds build their nests after winter. This is an environmentally friendly project.

How to Make Tree Stump Planters

How to Make Tree Stump Planters. (I like using tree stumps still affixed to the ground by roots after a tree is cut down, with the center scooped/carved out -- it looks a lot prettier and much more natural)

Put some yarn out so that birds have materials to Build A Nest. I would love to watch them take the yarn

WHAT A GOOD IDEA! Yarn scraps can provide Birds a colorful nesting material. Fill a suet feeder (from a feed store) with yarn scraps and hang for all the birds in your neighborhood to enjoy!

Bin im Garten  ;o)

Ring bell If no answer Pull weeds funny garden sign flower vegetable decor hanging wood plaque Trimble Crafts

Ring bell If no answer Pull weeds funny garden sign. My mom needs this sign!

I  never wanted to drill holes through plates and cups because I KNEW I would crack them.... this way you don't have to!! You're using the cups handle to hang the feeder. Just glue the cup onto the saucer and your good to go.

Upcycled tea time for the birds. Re-use old cups/plates for bird feeders.

DIY String Bird Feeder | In The Next 30 Days

Make a string bird feeder for your backyard birds to build color and happiness into their nests. This is a super simple DIY that makes a colorful impact in your yard.

I was looking for some ideas for bird houses and I came across this!  I love it!

There once was an old bird, who lived in a shoe. Nice easy way to use old shoes or boots, just nail it to a tree! Try to pick a show that is waterproofed in the heal or make it waterproof; the roof over the shoe helps.

the garden-roof coop: DIY Chick-Feeder / Bird-Feeders

Mason Jar Feeders - 23 DIY Birdfeeders That Will Fill Your Garden With Birds. This would also work for chicks