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  • natalie lindmark

    The Fairy Tale Horse MY DREAM HORSE

  • Angela Cervino

    gypsy Vanner horse..... ♥ ♥ ♥Beautiful Horse♥ ♥ ♥

  • Dawn Kendrick

    The Fairy Tale Horse I love gypsy vanner horses.

  • Lane Beth

    The Fairy Tale Horse???He has a lot of the WOW factor???an incredibly stunning horse???could you have dreamed of a horse with more perfect markings and color..?Photo by Westmoreland Farm Gypsy Horses

  • Cheri Engle

    The Fairy Tale Hors

  • Jan Lia

    Animals Gallery » Blog Archive » The Fairy Tale Horse

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The tall and the small of it! I find it interesting to note the big guy seems much more anxious about whom he's next to than the little one!

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Reminds me of my big cozy boy Bandit I used to ride in S.F. He was my last huge horse love. I cried when he was gone.

OH MY GOODNESS!! WHAT A BEAUTIFUL HORSE!! YET, ........I have YET, to see OR find one that I don't think I could say, ...... was NOT! :)