• Kieona Jones

    This fits some people I know really wel!!

  • Brenda Jeter

    tolerance williy wonka funny humor liberals Obama is a Socialist

  • Misty Hernandez

    .well said lol

  • Taylor Lay

    True Story.

  • Mariah Morgan-perez

    lolz, this is so true. which is why after centuries of my people being hunted and killed like the best kabobs ever I still dont hate christians, voting for Romney (even though I am FAR from republican) and I <3 southerners. I talk shit but my actions speak louder, at least I hope. I guess we cant be an accurate measure of ourselves, we must look to others to see where we truly stand as far as openness of heart and mind are

  • Stefani Wilson

    Biggest pet peeve ever. AMEN!!

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