Палитры для летнего настроения. Часть 2 - Ярмарка Мастеров - ручная работа, handmade

bright and beautiful range . match a modified sunset . would be lovely for crochet creation

Color pallets

flora color: burnt orange, golden glow dusty aqua, denim and charcoal gray - Living room Color palette

tapestry brights 5.3.12

Love the way they complement each other. The warmth of the yellow n orange balance out the coolness of the blue n purple. this would be a good palette for some fun throw pillows or a tapestry or quilt.

icy teal pinned with #Bazaart - www.bazaart.me

wedding color combination: icy teal: teal, aqua and grey. Really cute color combo, but im too dead set on pink and grey. Want this color with gray in my bathroom.

Color pallet

I have a teal wall, never thought to use red or dark pin as an accent in the room.

eunsoonchae's clips for tagset #Color Palettes

island play but I would add a pink to this too Reminds me of a margarita. These colors tend to give a room a calm and peaceful feeling. Funny how the waves on the beach and a margarita do the same thing.

(via MadeByGirl: New at Cocoa & Hearts….)

GOLD is making a comeback! Using gold accent. I really like the way gold is incorporated into each of these color combinations. gives each a totally different feel!

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Rocks, catchy palette, which is not exactly in danger of being overlooked. Colors offer to join the celebration of life. Stunningly beautiful combination o