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Halloween 2014: top 25 mind blowing and scary makeup ideas for women

The mind is already dead long before the person actually commits suicide. If you are not happy, you have mentally decided that long before you physically decide it.

I spent the night out with my dad enjoying the crazy thunder storm we had last night (the thunder was so loud I literally ducked in cover once or twice) and enjoyed the Lightning show that went on as well. Today is a bit stormy as well so as such it seemed appropriate to give this another look as its my favorite kind of weather.

HALLOWEEN / Beverly Hills Honeys (scary,mouth,teeth,halloween makeup,halloween facepaint,makeup,facepaint,face paint,halloween,halloween costume)

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15 Tutoriales para hacer tus propios cuernos de Maléfica

Maléfica <--- je ne parle un beucoup Français (i probably just misspelled that), mais je lire later...? I give up my french sucks but maybe someday I'll be able to read this/just follow the picture instructions. pin now, read later if ever comes in handy