Parenting: Like a boss

The Web Babbler: Funny Texts #84

haha but this is genius!!!--im down


The Parent-chute kind of made me awwww and shed the smallest of tears, the rest of the time I laughed hysterically...

hahaha advice i will give my children...and probably regret




So funny. Really funny.

Cheating like a boss!

I would totally do this

Pay Attention

funny :)

Parenting: the right way

Hahaha these parents are awesome. This is seriously the best thing ever.

So funny! I'm adopted and my sister isn't. We joke a lot about it. Especially when a relative does something we don't like:-)


well that's unfortunate...

This is hilarious.

I think that's why a lot of people have kids! I like justin too much so we will opt out of the third person in the house!