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Wish I had one of these in casa bonita beautiful green parrot budgie bird pet


sweet little parakeet. I've always wanted a bird and budgies are so darn cute!

the poetry of material things

I can feel the little bird claws holding the fuzzy donut of hair. When im home i always have a bird as a hair piece.

I miss my birdies

Kind of have a crush on budgies. (there I said it) This photo via Confetti Garden.

This image was taken by Jaipal Singh/EPA. I felt that this image linked to the stimuli because it shows that birds can fly together but sometimes they can be left apart

24 hours in pictures

24 hours in pictures: Parrots take off at a court yard of a house, Jammu Jammu, India: Parrots take off in the courtyard of a house after eating grain Photograph: Jaipal Singh/EPA

John Hinde postcards - the collection Budgies. Pink. Blue. Yellow. Aqua.

blue parakeet + yellow parakeet + pink flowers = pale color scheme featuring a primary color triad


014 Siberian Bullfinch / The incomplete dictionary of show birds / © Copyright 2012 Luke Stephenson Photography.

Yellow Naped Amazon Parrots

Yellow Naped Parrots are abundant in Roatan, Honduras. Intelligent sweet birds that can mimic sounds.