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Moi UniversityMore: Partenavia AP-68TP-600 Viator More: Nairobi - Wilson (West) (WIL / HKNW)More: Kenya, February 28, 2013 Remark Photographer 5Y-BCI (cn 153) Owned by Moi University School of Aerospace Sciences and apparently is also used by the M.P. of Agriculture.

Royal Navy | Westland Sea King HC4 | ZF117 / X (cn WA963) | A rather dramatic finale to the Yeovilton Air Day!

B-25 Mitchell Bomber. A medium bomber and the type that performed the Doolittle Raid on Japan.

The Swift Light.. Not only can you run off a mountain with this a rigid-wing lighweight glider.. You can also opt for the 4-stroke motor version.. so you can take off from a flat runway with as little as 50 meters.. Once you've caught your thermal and are heading upward.. the propeler folds up into an aerodynamic tail shape.. and you're off to gliding with the birds.. Awesome!

PAL-V One Flying Car: Sci-fi writers & futurists have been promising this thing to us since way back in the day. Finally, the flying car is here. The Pal-V One is a 2-seat, 3-wheeled car that gets 28 mpg and hits ground speeds over 100. In 10 minutes you can transform it into a plane with a flight range of 500 miles. And Yes, you need a pilot’s license to take this thing up.

REQUESTING FLYBY Photograph by MSgt. Richard M. Diaz, USAF   A formation of four fighters participating in the NATO exercise “Reforger ’82″ fly over the cloud shrouded Neuschwanstein Castle on the German/Austrian border in September 1982. The flight of three U.S. Air Force McDonnel Douglas F-15C Eagles from the 33rd Tactical Fighter Wing, based [...]