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This is cool if they actually nest in there! Window Nest Box- Backless bird house with suction cups for the window- you get to watch the birds and hopefully even see baby birds hatch!

Are you kidding me??? Love love love this

A roll-up indoor slide for your stairs! Looks like a fun idea for kids and adults. Fold and pack away when not in use.

Blair and Parker made this bird feeder for their daily activity.  So fun! -JMW Bird feeder. A unique recycling project.

DIY bird feeder round-up!

Make these DIY Birdseed Cakes for your feathered friends.  | House of Hawthornes

DIY Birdseed Suet Cakes

DIY Birdseed Cakes For Our Feathered Friends. These would make great teacher gifts or a fun craft for kids! The kids would love watching the birdies eat their dinner.

Depósito Santa Mariah: Mais Que Shabby, É Chic!

Bird house built from salvaged picture frames, candle stick columns, vintage iron curtain rod corbels and hooks used for their perches and salvaged woods. What a fab idea!

Make cute birdhouses with those ugly black plant pots, well there's another good idea...

birdhouse Birds in a line. Attract birds to your yard/garden with a handmade nest box! old plastic bucket into a birdhouse birdhouse

Backless bird house with suction cups for the window= you get to see the baby birds hatch! What a neat idea!

This glass-backed bird house lets you observe the nesting process with this handcrafted nest box. It has suction cups that attach easily to any window.

Heart Bird Seed Hangers #crafts #diy #valentines

Preschool Crafts for Kids*: Valentine's Day Heart Bird Seed Feeder Craft.Give the birds some love too ♥

Vogelhäuser bauen Ideen

Painted and stenciled birdhouse with license plate roof. Use wood for roof and just overlay with license plate or metal can get too hot in summer and radiant heat off it can harm birds inside.

Making a bird feeder of oranges (instructions in Finnish)

Gardening Autumn - Cadeau dhiver … Plus - With the arrival of rains and falling temperatures autumn is a perfect opportunity to make new plantations

boxed pond - i like the raised flower bed bordering the pond - lines are a bit too straight for my tastes though - by WoodBlocX, via Flickr - #pond #raised #bed #garden #landscape - tå√

Raised pond surrounded by a raised garden bed. The plants will shade the pond from the hot summer sun, you can raise tilapia or just a small goldfish pond. Would look great next to the patio/deck or among the raised garden boxes

A backless birdhouse that suctions to the window so you can see inside...how cool

Window bird house

How exciting to be able to watch birds build their nest and hatch their babies right from my own window. Love the simple yet sturdy construction. The natural wood can be left as is, or finished.

Similar to a previous idea, string apple slices, cranberries, and walnuts on a string and hang from a tree in your yard. The cranberries really give your yard a Christmas feel, and the birds will love them!

10 DIY Winter Bird Feeders - Page 9 of 11

girl scout camp craft: feed the birds ~ * Walnuts (halved, save the meat for trail mix!) * Bird Seed * Peanut Butter * Cranberries(frozen or dried), raisins, apples, popcorn and other bird safe treats

Bird house tin roof.

Our DIY birdhouse ideas will add color to your yard and provide a safe haven for the friendly. These DIY birdhouse designs are bird-friendly.


For the birds: Use a bundt pan, fill will cranberries, bird seed, nuts add water and freeze. Hang with a strong string and watch the birdies and squirrels enjoy winter treat.