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  • Janice Allen

    Why can't a lot of men remember this? Dang...

  • Randy Nunnally

    Thanks Christine for this one and many more. So true and true stories for a lot of people I know.

  • Cybil Lake

    Yep. Till your own pasture and don't worry about anyone else's. ~Susan Harrow #inspiration #quote #truth #productivity

  • Valerie Dreher

    so true haha laughed out loud at this one

  • Sophi lov

    Made me laugh!!! the ABSOLUTE truth!

  • Teri Young Wall

    e cards | Absolutely Madness | Page 12

  • Yi Deann

    Art your ecards | Tumblr quotes

  • Janet Garner

    So true sdgreen7 funny stuff hahhahahahaha

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