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How do you know a tornado is coming? A lesson on the most violent storms on Earth.

Hundreds of 15 minute hip hop and rock reading fluency videos created to boost skills! Kids read along chorally and repeatedly, then answer 4 levels of interactive questions and receive immediate feedback. Teacher created to motivate K-5th graders, build background knowledge, save planning time and boost scores. There are hundreds of lessons and teachers can try them all for free!

Fourth Grade Physical Science Activities: Electric Science: Make a Battery!

Water Cycle bracelet. I would use different wording: Students could create their bracelet with: The sun (yellow) heats up the water in and on the earth (green). It evaporates (clear), cools and condenses into clouds (white). Then it rains, sleets, snows, or hails (blue) and that runoff soaks into the earth where the sun heats it up, it evaporates, etc… To reinforce the cycle - a water cycle dance!

All Smiles in Second Grade: Properties of Matter Anchor Chart

Super Scientist Badges

Teach States of Matter Using Orange Juice and Baking Soda - Tastes like Orange Soda!

Using crackers to identify properties of matter | Around the Kampfire


Rock Cycle [More important than you think! When picking rocks for hardscapes you want to use Metamorphic rock in most cases, especially with water (so it doesn't leach anything into the water) but it is also important to know what type of rockscape your critters may have evolved with]

Starburst Rock Cycle Activity - YouTube

Habitat lessons, ideas, and activities.

What is pollination? diagram for kids

Demonstrating how bees help flowers with pollination! FREE lesson!

Pollination diagram with technical, easy to understand diagrams and narrative from KidsGrowingStrong...

animated version of how honey is made inside the bee

Balloon science for kids comparing gas, liquid and solids

If you need a unit to grab those reluctant learners and "Power" them up, you can't do better than force and motion! It's filled with experiments, plus lots of movement and action. It's everything kids could want! Get links to everything you need on this post!

Desert Diorama- this would be great as team projects for the various habitats

phases of matter models

Mrs. Shaw's Second Grade: Root Beer States of Matter

Welcome to STEMbite - 1-3 Minute Videos about STEM

FREE STEM or STEAM pennant banner!

FREE Animal Life Cycles Printable

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