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  • Stephanie @ The Cozy Old Farmhouse

    Kitchen basket attached to the underside of a desk - great way to get all those computer cords up off the floor! Great idea!

  • Kate Cyr

    Attach hooks to the bottom of a computer desk to hold up a basket to keep a powerstrip, and its cords, off the floor.

  • Judi Boyce

    attach a kitchen basket to the underside of a desk to corral cords great idea for computer desk.

  • Nannette Fanjoy

    Keeping cords off the floor. Great idea using cup hooks screwed into the underside of a counter top / desk. Small basket and a power strip finishes this fine idea.

  • Patty Ubbens

    Keep your power strips off the floor and out of view by hanging a wire basket under your desk. This is also a great solution for short cords that don’t reach the top of your desk without an extension, like a phone charger. by lori

  • Judi Block

    Under the desk power strip basket...hang a cheap wire basket (Dollar store) and clean up that mess at your feet. Label the cords.

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Under the desk power strip basket.... feeling dumb again, how simple and praticle is this.... hang a cheap wire basket (Dollar store) and clean up that mess at your feet, don't forget to label the cords this time though.... love it... #OrganizeIt #StorageMart

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