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  • Becci Hardie

    Could be..... I like the positive angle. I definitely want to "be patient, have faith and live my life". : )

  • Angie Shearrer

    Gods plan is better than ours :)

  • Bridget Brink

    Disappointments have been happening frequently in my life lately.....but I believe everything happens for a reason :-) God is just making me wait for something even better!!

  • Hannah Elaine

    so true! Trust GOD. Amen <3

  • Rikki Jo Johnson

    Lex the past is the past don't forget it remember wat it taught you but move on with higher standards in yourself and in guys but god has the perfect man planned out for you never think your forever alone cause that won't happen your to pretty and sweet and can make anyone laugh I will pray for you. I need to remember this more often, he knows what he's doing.

  • Abbey Dyke

    Have faith in god's timing!

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