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HOCKEY In This Home we do Hockey...12X24 Wooden by TheWordSister, $45.00


A hockey player's idea of a handshake line. #hockeymemes

♥ hockey!

Someone please make this a commercial! ;)

Hockey Players

You can't buy happiness, but you can buy a hockey ticket... and that's kind of the same thing.


Damn straight.

Just one more reason why hockey is better.

This is why I love Hockey!


The Rulebook



REAL WOMEN watch hockey.. just sayin ;)

Stop fighting like a bitch, Humphries. Close your fist and hit like a hockey player.

Hockey is so much better than any sport you get to be a man even if your a girl!!!!!

Hockey -- I still remember hearing on TV during a semi final game in May 2013 when one player shouted, "When I tell you to give me the fucking puck, give me the fucking puck!"...or the time when Pierre Maguire was interviewing Tortorella whose team was losing against Boston in the semi, "I don't give a God damn crap about the other team. Ask me about my guys."


Either you like Hockey or you are wrong!

Hockey anyone?

List of Things Better Than Hockey: Nothing