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  • Jennifer Clark

    'If you're feeling down, here's a picture of a shaved llama'.... made me feel better.

  • Emma Mathúna

    llama llama llama a shaved llama bahahhahaha

  • Michelle Koning

    If you're feeling down, here's a picture of a shaved llama! So funny

  • Chickles McGee

    Feeling down? Here's a picture of a shaved llama. LOL... I know. I know. It is a llama not a dog. Really??

  • Lollie Bakker

    If you're feeling down, here's a picture of a shaved llama or alpaca...

  • Red Snapper

    Need something to make you smile and brighten your day?  How about an Alpaca llama shaved like a poodle? Still having a bad day?

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