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Mr.biggz makes this same face after coming inside on a hot summer day, he then proceeds to flip down in the tile floor

omg i dnt even know what kind of pup this is but it's the cutest I've ever seen

The baby must be tiny or the pug is an unusually large pug.

I usually don't like kittens with smooshed faces, but this one is an exception. It is so cute!!! It looks so sad and in need of a hug!!!

"I is not sure if I forgives you yet. Is mean to say you throw the ball and then not."

AWW! Justin and I will have a black pug one day. (And that's actually per HIS request!) Hey if JUSTIN actually asks me to bring a certain animal in our home.. he can HAVE it!

The more you look at it the more you laugh. Not this dog. No way. No how. Just another reason to live in California.

They don't stand a chance and if the truth is told, I'm guessing there was about 8 of them their to start with.