haha, truth

On a scale from 1 to 10, please rate your pain.... lol! #allnurses #nurselife

So True!!!

so true

True story


Funny Nurses Week Ecard: Oh, great. You just broke Nursing Unit Rule #1: Never say the 'Q' word aloud. Now we're totally screwed!

To all my nursing friends....I get ya!!! Much love for nurses week !!!


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So, you are still in pain and don't have a ride for an appointment but you want a refill on percocet and can come pick up the script now?

Nurses genuinely care about their patients, and want to help however they can. | 27 Reasons Why Nurses Are Secretly Angels Living Among Us

Nurses Week


Long list of funny medical slang terms and acronyms.

sometimes that's the truth


All of my RN friends will get this one. X 1,000,000 (& that's just THIS week!!!)

I am allergic to stupidity so I break out in sarcasm. Truth

For the nurses