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The pharmacy tech in me loves this so much.

I'm allergic to Morphine, they usually give me that one that starts with a D.....d dill... Dilaudid?

Don't be caught out by your hayfever this summer. For all your allergy needs visit http://www.chemist-4-u.com/pharmacy/allergy-hayfever.html

It might make you feel better... or... you might die. Gotta love modern medicine

Allergy humor -! My allergies are KILLING me, but who doesn't love swollen eyes? ;)

Allergies meme - http://www.jokideo.com/

sloth on ambien - Google Search

How many times have I heard this?! Patient: Oh what's that one called...d...d... Me: dilaudid? Patient: oh yeah! I need that.

Allergies! - too funny not to pin it.

Modern medicine is waging war against the human immune system right now, not only suppressing it with vaccine adjuvants and metals but also destroying it at the bacteria level. Antibiotics, which destroy both the bad and commensal bacteria, are waging a war on the human immune system, by ravaging the very bacteria colonies that accelerate the reproduction of antibodies! Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/048670_peanut_allergy_probiotics_immune_system.html#ixzz3S7CX4j8Y


If I ever laugh so uncontrollably that my asthma kicks in, then you're the one.

This shouldn't be funny, but considering that I sneezed right before reading this... It's hilarious.

When they wear too much ...

I'm a little neti pot, short & stout...


ecards for nurses lol @msbrigemichele

It's a miracle.

Another drug added to the national shortage list