• Lesa GQVH

    Funny Street Signs and Funny Road Signs ...

  • Leslie Anne

    Where are signs like this in real life?

  • Shylo Adams

    Thank you for doing your part to cause road rage. One of my BIGGEST pet peeves.

  • Jenny Russo

    true story!

  • J.D. & Barbara Kent

    ☺don't this bring on the road rage in you, it does me!,,,££€€¥¥!!

  • Erin Franks

    HUGE petpeeve

  • Susan Lawens

    So true. The only thing that would make it better is if you're on your cell phone, too. It'll be funny then, because you'll be stuck in the lane waiting for someone to take pity on you and let you in, probably another SUV driver.

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