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When it comes to the shadow-self,time does not heal&things we thought we have moved beyond can still haunt us.Even events such as being bullied in school as a child can easily be profoundly negatively assimilated by a young mind still forming a sense of self-identity.This can deeply install subconscious identities,beliefs,&life-long ongoing thought patterns such as “There’s something wrong with me,I’m not good enough..,people are cruel & dangerous,&my role in life is as a victim”.-Brad Stevens

Macaria is the daughter of Hades (no mother is mentioned). She seems to have embodied a blessed death; the Suda connects her name to the figure of speech "be gone to blessedness," instead of misery or damnation, which may be euphemistic, in the way that the dead are referred to as "the blessed ones." The phrase was proverbial for those whose courage endangered them.

Silhouette art over the daybed is layered over a favorite page from the Bible. #projectnursery #franklinandben #nursery

This would be a fun idea for a photograph on split canvases. Children, Engagement, Parent/Child.

We're fans of 'dancing in the rain' but not with an umbrella and potential lightning! That's just dangerous.

Silhouette photos-- my next travel capture project, I think.

silhouette patterns | To save a full-size copy of the decal for your own use, click the ...

human profile silhouette - Google Search