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  • Ana Guiotti Stasiak

    so true ladies! very important characteristic to have in a man.... A man who fears and loves the Lord.

  • Ashley Romero

    Ladies, a real man does more than open your door. . .he opens a bible and his book of Mormon, and the way to the celestial kingdom, a real man doesn't have keys to a Ferrari he has keys to the priesthood

  • Renada Williams

    quote: a real man does more than open your door... he opens his bible.

  • janita

    The greater one will produce the other. I'm disheartened that grown women are sometimes more interested in a man's chivalry over his Christ-likeness. We desire a man who opens our doors while often overlooking whether or not he really opens his bible; we are swept off our feet by a man who pays for us and showers us with gifts, without even knowing the landscape of his prayer life. We want love, often overlooking whether or not the true love of his life is the Lord.

  • Peggy Porter

    This is what I expect from my future husband! He will open his bible and not focus on TV, video games or other things like that! That is a REAL MAN!

  • CJ


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Amen.~ ⏩ Something To Remember ! - For a man's pride shall bring him low: but honour shall uphold the humble in spirit - 'Proverbs 29:23). - The humble shall see this, and be glad: and your heart shall live that seek God -('Psalms 69:32).⏪{DM}

Behind the fall of a successful man is usually another woman... SO TRUE! Tiger Woods for example

If you live off a man's compliments you'll die from his criticism. -Cornelius Lindsey

it says praying for your husband but read these verses for yourself too. I would challenge Christian women to begin praying these for the man you are dating in order to prepare yourself to be the wife God desires you to be! :-)

When I heard this on the radio it gave me CHILLS! Very rarely do you find people so head strong and determined to love God and give in all they do! I've got so much respect for TT!

Saw this today... pinned & repinned... by loads of ladies. Thing is, we have to be able to flip the words and they still remain true. "Real women stay faithful. They don't have time to look for other men..." I know it's been said & said, but I'm saying it again. If your husband/fiance/boyfriend went to go see a movie about female strippers with his buddies, you would not be ok with it.

This is my Dane. To. A. Tee!! Find a man like mine Paige Hereford Hereford Hereford Hereford Hereford Hereford Hereford Young and you will be happy for sure!

"I've been broken, I've been betrayed, I've been rejected, I've felt afraid, I've cried out, 'Oh God, I don't know where Your are!' I know the pain you're going thru, and I can more than promise you, I'll do what it takes to mend your broken heart. I've been right there where you are ~ I know all about scars!"

it's funny how when you realize this, the right one knocks at your door. once you radiate confidence they all come a-knockin. just saying ;)

I would rather have a husband who 'prays' for me than a husband that can only 'pay' for me :).

Because why would a man spend half of his life finding love to ignore it for the other half? Not me, I may not always remember to say I love you every day, but I will do my best to show it so that there will be no question