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The last few weeks it seems everyone has been hit with the horrible late-winter cold from hell: wheezing cough, runny nose and an aching body. After giving up on cough drops and sinus meds, I emailed my aunt, who is the director of Healing Hands Wellness Group. She insisted I try this simple DIY

Best food remedies ever! Seriously I had no idea about most of these home remedies for things like migraines, cold sores, heart burn, tooth aches and everything else

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20 DIY Home Remedies You Had No Idea Existed

20 DIY Home Remedies You Had No Idea (restless leg syndrome, pink eye, soar throat, rough heels, bug bites, motion sickness, nose bleed, etc.)

Detox Bath Recipe Image - lots of epsom salts and a cup of baking soda - deep soak for about 20 minutes, rinse off in cool shower, drink lots of water, moisturize with coconut oil, olive oil or something of the like

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Coconut Oil Bath Melts

For many people, their feelings of self worth are often directly tied to their looks. The more beautiful and confident you appear, the more positive a response you will elicit from others. This article will help you reveal the real you. TIP! Prior to...

Draws out toxins from your body while relieving aches and pains. Soothes and heals blemishes and open wounds.Balances and over acidic system, leaving you refreshed, energized. Increases circulations, aiding in the eliminations of toxins. Soothes dry, itchy skin while balancing the bodies and neutralizing the bodies pH.

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Turn Old Towels Into A Soft, Sophisticated Bath Mat

Upcycle old bath towels into a cozy DIY bath mat, with this tutorial from Buzzfeed. A great project for beginning sewers, you’ll save money and your feet will be thankful! More