• Jacquelyne

    I am not going to see the new Star Trek for plot or anything - I am going bc of this man, Zachary Quinto and of course my Benny (Benedict Cumberbatch) and Chris Pine....... you can never forget Chris Pine :)

  • Tori Rutledge

    Chris Pine. I NEED this man to be Christian Grey!!!! Sexy Sexy Sexy

  • Kenee Dover

    Chris Pine- blue eyes

  • Sarah Sedlak

    The Sexiest Men - Chris Pine.

  • Eden Whitson

    oh hi baby blues! (heart is pounding out my chest...)

  • Eva Carrillo

    Chris Pine. Eye Candy.

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Puppy party

Hot man, hot car.... God damn this is a good picture


"She came up and took my hand and we really bonded. She lives in the slums with her family, who battle to make a living. Fortunately for me, English is the main language here so we quickly became friends and she clung to me for most of the day. She was adorable. I gave her my St. Christopher's necklace to keep her safe." STAHP IT HARRY, STAHP IT RIGHT NOW.

Patrick Dempsey & his twins

US Olympian finds stray puppies in Sochi He actually RESCUED those four stray...

chace crawford

Chris Pine

jt and b

Jared Leto

Adam Scott


Hunter Boots and a Bow Tied Puppy

Cute puppy & duuude

too cute

Blowing me a kiss

Bonsoir Monsieur @LeoDiCaprio <3

polo player

Adam Brody

I bet he's signing each one "Captain Jack Sparrow"

matthew atkinson

Living proof that knitwear is a big YES for men