The first diamond found in South Africa in 1867 was 21.25 carats and given away by a farmer!

Hortensia (20 kt.)

Carat green diamond.

Chocolate diamond

25.5 Carat Blue Diamond Found in South Africa

The Heart of Eternity diamond is one the most famous fancy blue diamonds. It came from the premier mine in South Africa which has the largest production of fancy colored diamonds.

Portuguese Diamond at 127.01 carats is the largest faceted diamond in the Nation Gem Collection. It's near flawless clarity and unusual octagonal emerald cut make it one of the world's most magnificent diamond gems

Very unusual setting for a marquis center stone. Half moon diamonds on either side create a completely different geometry.

Blue Diamond Sothebys 2012 Magnificent and exceptionally rare fancy deep blue diamond (Hammer Price with Buyers Premium) - 10,274,500 CHF // - Maria Elena Garcia - ► ◀︎

The Beluga Diamond. William Goldberg cut this 102-carat stone, creating the argest D flawless oval-cut diamond in history.

Amsterdam Diamond 33.7 Ct black diamond

The Cullinan I - ak the Star of Africa

The Blue Heart Diamond Largest ble heart shaped diamond in the world. 30.62 carats


The Dresden Green Diamond, is a 41 carat natural green diamond, a rare Type IIa, said to be internally flawless,

Harry Winston blue diamond rings | Harry Winston's setting of the Blue Heart diamond on a platinum ring ...

A 203 carat diamond is more like a paper weight than anything you can actually wear. The Millennium Star Diamond is the largest flawless pear-shaped diamond, it was 777 carats in the rough, making it the 6th largest diamond ever found. debeers millennium star diamond

The Tereschenko Diamond

The Shepard Diamond

This is the largest flawless cut diamond in the world and weighs 530 carats. This and the Second Star of Africa of 317 carats (in the Imperial State Crown) were cut from the celebrated Cullinan Diamond, the largest diamond ever found. Weighing over 3,000 carats, the Cullinan was given to King Edward VII by the Government of the Transvaal (South Africa) in 1907.

Natural Fancy Purple Diamond