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rockabilly, dancin

Susan´s Diary-Vintage style meets heavy music: Lindy Hop

An aircraft worker swing dancing with his date at the Lockheed Swing Shift Dance (1942).

Dancing with bebop music, 1953. Photo by Lood van Bennekom.

I love this series. The style of dance isn't exactly what I was looking for but her movements and the movement of the flour is. I would use color for the flour instead to liven it up and make it more festive for a music festival.

vintage swing dance 1948 advertisement radio by FrenchFrouFrou, $14.95

And away we go

In May 1960, dancers Joan Darby and Joe Cash perform the Madison dance, a popular line dance that featured different steps such as "the Jack...

Petti Pictures--Nostalgia (PAGE 4)

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A gorgeous young couple dancing in 1935.