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what a beautiful animal! Beautiful photo Horse in the Snow Dancing Egret by Craig ONeal Stuffed wild animals -


The sign should say "Beware of owner" What kind of animal ties a dog up outside? If your gonna own a dog, give it a good life!

I didn't know until I moved to Idaho that donkeys are actually really cute looking.

Little burro - this picture instantly makes me happy. And also to have a donkey farm.


Funny pictures about Every Time A Kid Notices I'm Using My Phone. Oh, and cool pics about Every Time A Kid Notices I'm Using My Phone. Also, Every Time A Kid Notices I'm Using My Phone photos.

11 week old lion cub playing in leaves... by minerva

Funny pictures about Baby Lion Playing With Leaves. Oh, and cool pics about Baby Lion Playing With Leaves. Also, Baby Lion Playing With Leaves photos.


Ever had one of those days? Drenched looking white puppy dog sadly holding in his mouth a red orange umbrella that's been blown inside out by the storm rains. - DdO:) - cute animals pin via TraceyHammett.

No!..don't touch me!!!

A Scientific Guide to Effectively Saying No

I'm Mad At You - Folded Arm Frog ---- hilarious jokes funny pictures walmart fails meme humor


When seahorses find a mate, they wrap their tails around each other so the tide doesn’t drift them apart. They have that one mate for the rest of their lives. When the mate dies, they do too. Seahorse love, is someplace beautiful

Brushing just makes you feel... BETTER! Keep those smiles healthy by brushing twice a day for 2 minutes. Never underestimate the power of a clean mouth!

Although this turtle looks like he's smiling and happy about the toothbrush cleaning. We have had our turtle for over 8 years and he hates the toothbrush! That turtle is trying to bite that guys finger.