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  • Megan Skelly

    This week Sevenly is funding life-changing surgeries that will help children in Ethiopia with deformities walk and live a normal life! -> - I'll be wearing mine soon :)

  • Jennifer Barger

    For my baby April who can't walk..she is trying tho.

  • Julia Pirmone

    Free shipping. Accessories from

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This week, each rad shirt helps fund life changing surgeries for children with deformities, what's not to love? ->

IMAGINE: You're born into a poor country with a major deformity. Society believes you're cursed. You can't go to school or live a normal life. This is life for 14 year-old Aregash and hundreds of other kids. This week we're funding life-changing surgeries that will allow them to walk and live a normal life! Help them here ►

In developing countries, children with deformities are shunned & outcasted. Help give them Life-Changing surgeries, for the chance at a normal life ->

Every year, 6 million children in Africa suffer and die from preventable diseases and deformities. This week, we've partnered with Mercy Ships to restore dignity and health to children in need of medical care. Healing starts HERE ►

In Africa, children with deformities are outcasts. Rejected, abandoned, and considered inhuman. Not only do they need life-changing surgery, they need to know that they are loved, and accepted... Please Help ►

Each purchase this week helps funds surgeries aboard a Mercy Ships hospital ships, and literally helps children in Congo walk into a better future!

Giving back is the new black! Dress for change when you pick up a shirt at #Sevenly. Each item sold this week donates to Mercy Ships & helps fund life-changing surgeries for children in Africa.

#A few days left to grab a fashionable shirt that funds life-changing surgeries for children in Ethiopia. Grab this top along with other fashionable tops that DO GOOD -> Other fashion #other #fashion #nice #2dayslook #top

We've partnered with Mercy Ships to restore dignity and health to children with deformities. Every time you wear one of this week's shirts, you'll be reminded of how you met the medical needs of a precious child! Join Us!! ►

In Guinea, the need for life-saving surgery is just as crucial as the need for love. You can help provide BOTH. Each shirt helps fund a Mercy Ship surgery for a precious child in need of healing and care. Support this cause! ►

There are hundreds of thousands of newborns each year that suffer form hydrocephalus, a condition that causes severe swelling of the brain which leads to death. With every purchase here you can help fund a life-saving surgery: