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Hair Tutorial | Diy Hair | Hair Style Easy hairstyle with bobby pins. The 21 best-selling glamour girl hair products for healthy & beautiful locs. Must have best-seller hair tools too for styling straight, curly & damaged hair. GREAT for growth, volume, getting wavy styles & getting rid of frizzy hair.

16 Ultra-easy Hairstyle Tutorials for Your Daily Occasions - Pretty Designs

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With school, work & other life events, I hardly have time to do nice hairstyles. When I see easy ones like these I get happy :) The best part is, it takes about 5 mins. Things needed: Clear Elastic, Bobby Pins & Some Good Hairspray. 1) Tease the crown of your head to get some volume (I personally don’t tease my hair often but it will look nice regardless) 2) Divide your hair into 2 sections 3) Twist the left side all the way to the tip & coil it up into a bun in the middle of your head & se...

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1. Tease/Back comb your crown to create volume, and smooth hair back, with or without a part. 2. Loosely braid hair into three sections, vertically. 3. Roll braids up into buns and secure with hair pins. Wrap the outer braids around the center for a woven-style bun, or secure each bun separately next to each other for a rosette look.

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Side braid into low bun - makes me want long hair so I can do this!! @Amy Williams this would be pretty for the wedding!!

30 hairstyles for long hair

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Love her hair & this blog