8 Minutes

four minutes

6 Minute Morning Workout Before Shower

Easy exercises to get rid of a muffin top... I do the standing ones whenever I am waiting in a changing room or am on break at work, at home, anywhere no one can see me lol They actually work :)

Quick Morning Workout- do 2-3x to start your day off right :-) Ill probably have to do this at least 10 times in the morning, 10 times in the after noon, and 10 times before bed...MAYBE then it would work hahaha


5-Minute Workout to Reshape Your Body

7 Tips to start your morning exercise routine. #2 is a must or it does not happen.

A good exercise routine that can be done at home in Exercise Routines

Pandora Workout Stations

Total Body Workout

30 day plank challenge - Gets you to 5 minutes.

~ Hailey's Helpful Hints ~: Tame the Tum: Spare tire or stress bulge?

Jessica Simpson's Daisy Duke workout BEEN LOOKING FOR THIS FOREVER

Morning Ritual = Results

Workout routine

10-Minute Full-Body Crossfit Workout

8-Minute-Mile 5K Playlist. Each song is 170 beats per minute and the entire playlist is about 25 minutes.