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fave yoga pose of all time: chatarunga...harder than at looks but proud to say that i can now do it in p90x yoga!


"Je suis bonne", le tumblr des filles bien dans leur peau

Pincha Mayurasana

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8 Water Aerobic Exercises

8 Water Aerobic Exercises: Spiderman, Pool plank, Chaos Cardio, One-Legged Balance, Core Ball Static Challenge, Cardio Core Ball Running


Common Mistakes in Sun Salutations

Common mistakes in chaturanga and how to fix them. Also in Cat/Cow. Keep the elbows pointing back to protect the shoulders.

submitted by revelry-club ~ I love this reason so much. I remember when I first starting being healthier and getting fit I realized my body was pretty much just going to waste with all the horrible foods I ate. I treat it much, much better now.

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Sculpt Rock-Solid Abs

Best way to get really toned abs is to do the PLANK! Here are 7 Plank Moves to tighten your core in only 30 seconds. That's 3 minutes to fabulous abs. Not bad at all!


Jillian Michaels' Top 5 Shape-Up Moves



Strike a Yoga Pose: Hummingbird

Love this! Hummingbird Pose. I wish that I could do this!


A Dynamic Yoga Sequence to Help You Build a Stronger Body

bikini body yoga

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The Best Exercises for Lower Abs

Lose the Pooch! The Best Exercises for Lower Abs! Pictured- Inching Elbow Plank

5 Yoga Poses for a Better Sleep:

Motivation. Again yoga always inspires me...can someone please show me how to do this?: Workout Inspiration, Weight Loss, Healthy Body, Fitness Inspiration, Exercise, Fitness Motivation, Yoga, Healthy Bodies, Healthy Living


10 Awkward Yet Fantastic-Feeling Yoga Poses

Challenging "awkward" yoga poses. New to-do list. Gives a good description of how to get into them.