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Photographs of Barack Obama as Barry the Freshman in 1980 by Lisa Jack

Isn't it crazy, the things we become? Thank you, Mr. President. Yours was the first administration I knew and you and your family have set the bar high. So much respect for you. (Photographs of Barack Obama as Barry the Freshman in 1980 by Lisa Jack.)

Ray-ban Men Mod. 3523 Sunglasses, matte black (matte black), size 59

Old man, glasses, beard, funny face, great guy, aged, lines of life and wisdom, a face with many stories to tell, portrait, photo b/w.

((Fc: Florian Neuville)) I am Carter Hayden and i am 22. I love to party and i am a huge flirt. I am actually very sociable, unlikemy sister Damia. She is kind of weird but she is my sister, what can i do? If you want to hang any time, its good to me

Homeless man asked me what I was doing, I said taking pictures of interesting things. He said, you're not taking pictures of me are you, I said no no... He said, "I haven't had my picture taken in 40 years."I said, well that's not good, you don't have any history of yourself over that time. All of a sudden, he took off his cap stood in front of me and said, "go ahead, take my picture".I said sure... and here it is. (Photographer Mark M)

The Beauty Of Street Photography

there is something indefinable in her face, girl, child, kid, hands, expression, hands, beauty, cute, powerful face, intense eyes, emotional, poverty, portrait, b/w