#life, #experiences, #words // this is absolutely true. I must not forget to guard the door and be selective about what enters, for I will keep it forever. No more room for junk.





LIFE's assignments.

I agree with this. Even for moms, single moms. Just because you've started a family doesn't mean life stops. Family first always, but remember to take care of yourself as well.

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Life. Stop taking it so seriously and enjoy.


So true!!! NO perfect guys, but that one that is perfect for you hold on to him... especially when he is willing to fight for his family..... Note to self, remember this.....😏

Those things are all me

upper left thigh (front), maybe?

Exactly how to live. Do NOT compromise yourself,& let yourself feel your feelings in this crazy thing we call LIFE.


Best Day of Your Life

Words to live by....

Life is art.

wise words from al capone. (oxymoron anyone?)