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The surface of this table is made of paper sheets, like a giant notepad, so you can doodle and write on it. Doodle Desk by Miguel Mestre

Paper Desk. Paper Desk, realizzata da Miguel Mestre, è una scrivania formata da una risma di fogli giganti (100×70 cm) sui quali disegnare e scrivere. Via swiss-miss.com

My Desk, by Miguel Mestre. The entire desk itself is a gigantic notebook – blank paper.

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Scan a real life color and start using it in a pen. Coolest thing I've ever seen


A desk that doubles as a sketchbook. What more could any creative want? Designer: Miguel Mestre Essentially a giant sketchbook, this stylish table holds a wad of blank paper ready for you to sketch, draw, annotate or simply scribble on.

Beautiful Table Lamp by designers

Customisable Page Turner Lamp online and save! Switch on the Page Turner Lamp for a uniquely retro desk light! This Art Deco-esque reading light is USB.

I want this desk! #Great #Design

The Analog Memory Desk from Kirsten Camara brings us back to our roots in a fabulous way. Kirsten added a roll of paper to a great looking work desk.

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In a light hearted approach, this solution tries to address the desire for companies to try and copy every design aesthetic Apple innovates.

Landa Desk

Landa Desk