Use color to easily give your front garden a lot of impact. More front yard flower gardens:

Front Yard Flower Gardens

Add curb appeal, brighten your entryway, and make your home more inviting with a beautiful front yard flower garden. Check out this collection of front yard flower garden ideas.

Style-motivation-flower-gardens-blue forget-me-nots, pink and blue creeping phlox, purple allium, yellow daylillies, azalea shrub, lavender.

Use geometry to contrast or complement the flowerbed's curving borders repeat in the gentle edging of lawn. Plants chosen in similar hues.lavender, light purple, and fuchsia offer a soothing color for the garden. Love this garden!

Love this walkway

This is the best pathway! Sunny Landscape Ideas-is it sunny enough in front area near where new tree will go? or will that provide too much shade? Love the color variation, add some deep pink peonies?

Designing a walkway gives you the opportunity to express your creativity in the garden. RMSer UtahGirl's mulch path through a shady garden reveals an explosion of color.

Tips for Creating an Inviting Walkway

I'd love to grow a huge gardening section. Mulch and colorful creativity combine in this charming garden path.

Replace Old Walkways.If a concrete walkway is in bad shape or is just as dull as dirt, replace it with a fresh path made entirely of stone or brick. Visitors access this front door via square pads of bluestone trimmed in brick. Narrow strips of turfgrass separate the squares, which step up slightly with the change in grade from the street to the house.

Curb Appeal on a Dime

Perfect for in between our sidewalk and the street! Replace your old walkway with a fresh path made of stone or brick. Good idea for backyard patio

Garden paths:  Wiiden a path as it rounds a corner to make your yard feel bigger. Or if you have a long, straight path, design it to narrow slightly at the far end.

Glorious Garden Paths

Glorious Garden Paths Create Illustions Get a grander look by playing tricks on the eye. For example, widen a path as it rounds a corner to make your yard feel bigger. Or if you have a long, straight path, design it to narrow slightly at the far end.

Brick pavers set in gravel give your pathway a timeworn appeal that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing. By placing the brick pavers atop the sand, they are unlikely to crack or separate when the weather changes. Additionally, the gravel that peaks through makes the brick look as if it was meant to be there, adding to the beauty of the landscape.

Garden Path Ideas: Brick Walkways

Deidre's garden in upstate New York--click through to see more photos of this garden!

PRIVACY created in this garden. Today's photos are from Deidre Gilchrest. She says, "I live in upstate New York where the summers are hot and humid and the winters are forever long. These are some photos of my garden.