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such a nice thought

Encourage your children to make small acts of kindness. Teach them the difference...that actions speak louder than words.

"The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention." @SignUpGenius users are pros at acts of kindness. #kindness #quote

Sometimes if you want your partner to treat you with kindness, then being kind to your partner first will invite kindness in return. See if it works. It might take a few acts of kindness before your partner softens and things change but making the decision to be kind can actually change the direction of your relationship.

El más pequeño acto de bondad vale más que la más grande intención. The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.

"The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention." @SignUpGenius users are pros at acts of kindness. #kindness #quote @SignUpGenius #FeelTheLove #PinToWin #Giveaway

The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention. (There's nothing grander than the little things of life.)

"The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention." SO TRUE!

A small act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intent

act vs intention

Kindness always matters

Find The Time. TAKE the Time. Make The Time. To Smile, To Speak A Kind Word, To Recognize Another Person. Kindness Matters.

Find The Time. TAKE the Time. Make The Time. To Smile, To Speak A Kind Word, To Recognize Another Person. Kindness Matters. #Random #Acts of #Kindness #RAKS #gratitude #kindness

Inspiration Quote Silent Sunday at Eisy Morgan Live & Inspire from the Heart - several great quotes here...

Make Time 2 Smile, 2 Speak a Kind Word, 2 Recognize Another Person

Inspiration Quote - find the time, take the time, make the time.

how do you make time to be kind - Google Search

Life Quotes 101: time ... use it wisely

Time Quote

So true


POWER OF WORDS: Something everyone does and regrets but nothing can repair the damage that has been done except the person willing to forgive. That person is the true friend or the better person.

★ Soulful White ★ Forgiveness Quote

Forgiveness Quote More

Some people just don't think before they speak. Words hurt and can cut so deep.

words of wisdom. I need to remember this.

Some people need to remember this...

Nice quotes thiughts reality careful great best - Collection Of Inspiring Quotes, Sayings, Images | WordsOnImages

Be Careful... positive-thinking-quotes positive-thinking-quotes Favorite Quotes,inspiration,Quotes,Quotes and Sayings,True,words of wisdom,

True so becareful what u say!!!! Be the Best You,INSPIRATION!,life in all its glory,Quotes,Things To Remember,Wise Words,word,WORDS,words of wisdom,

Be kind.

Everyone needs to remember this! Or as the saying goes "If you can't say something nice to someone then don't say anything at all". It would be nice if we could all be kind to people we meet

So true!! "Be kind for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle" Great inspirational quote in nice mixed font typographical design

BE KIND FOR EVERYONE YOU MEET IS FIGHTING A HARD BATTLE. #motivational #inspiring #quote #obakki #fashion #charity #wordstoliveby #philanthropy #philanthropic #dogood

Inspirational quote. Be kind for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle. Dont give up! You can do it

"Be Kind for Everyone You Meet is Fighting A Hard Battle" by simon walker typography #wisdom

Be Kind for Everyone You Meet is Fighting a Hard Battle (design by Simon Walker)

Today's tough lesson... Be Kind Everyone Is Fighting A Hard Battle. So true.

Be Kind / Simon of my all time favorite quotes & so true!

I just tweeted this: And now I'm here, staring at a blank page trying to force myself to have something to say. I don't want to bore you. I don't want to ramble, but I don't want to have another day with no post. So instead, I'm going to let others say it for me with my most favorite quotes that I've pinned on the good 'ol Pine-hurst (that's what JC calls it). source Ain't that the truth. I think this thought is best when you're at a point where it's hardest to be kind. Do it anyway. You'll feel better afterwards. source Nope, you sure can't. Even if it only makes you happy for the 2.5 seconds it takes you to eat it (what, I like cupcakes, don't judge), at least you felt happy for those 2.5 seconds. Then go eat 35 more so you can feel happy for 87.5 minutes. Although then you might feel miserable when you're done, so I suggest a nice long workout session and then you'll really be feeling fantastic. Because.... source Happiness should always outweigh the sadness and if you're ever at a point in your life where the opposite is happening, change something. Immediately. This life is far too precious to go through it without a smile on your face. source My favorite part of this saying is the last part. Make sure you laugh a lot in your life. It's good for the soul (and your abs ;)). source I'm thankful that I've found this. source Abso-friggin-lutely. There's nothing I hate more than someone who thinks they can be rude because they consider themselves outspoken. Take a step back and always think before you speak. You'll have less regrets later. And my all time favorite quote, which I can't find in pictures (and don't have time to make a picture of it) is one I read in an interview with Kenny Chesney probably 10 years or so ago. "Never take life too gotta leave room for life to happen." I can honestly say I have a hard time remembering this from time to time, but I try very hard to live my life by this quote because it couldn't be more true. Happy Wednesday, Folks! This Kind of Love


success and failure life quotes quotes quote life quote success failure

Inspirational quotes! #quotes #inspirational #life #success #failure

So true. Having to remember this as of lately

success & failure... Life lesson well said

Success & Failure .. || #quotes #sayings

One of my all time favorite quotes

#life #quote #success #failure

So true #success #failure

So true and good advice!

✞Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps not record all wrongs. Love does not delight evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trust, always hopes, always preservers. Love never fails. ~1 Corinthians 13:4-8a✞

Integrity. So true. Do the right thing when no one is watching. Cause someone could be watching but you just think someone isn't.

character building. So true some people pretend when around others BOY!!! when there so call friends backs are turned watch out what these people do I guess some people are just to blind and stupid to see the truth so you deserve what comes your way.

TRUTH. Real INTEGRITY eliminates all fear. Be strong and ALWAYS do the right thing.

Turns out this integrity thing wasn't just about not cheating as I thought. Learn.

sayings | motivational inspirational love life quotes sayings poems poetry pic ...

Integrity Is Doing The Right thing When No One Is Watching. Inspirational Quotes

Integrity. Words of wisdom.quotes

integrity quote

Positive Thoughts, Positive Life: Favorite Quotes

Be Thankful!

Daily WE:ffirmation- i am ‪#‎thankful‬ for today. i choose to live in ‪#‎gratitude‬. WE all have much to be‪#‎grateful‬ for.

Gratitude - it's about being thankful for what we have! Be creative and trust God with the rest!

so true. "Gratitude turns what we have into enough." #wisdom #inspiration #quote

Be thankful for what you have; you'll end up having more. ~Oprah Winfrey

Top 50 Be Thankful Quotes - MoveMe Quotes #gratitude #quote

So true...I need to remember this more often

There's so much to be thankful for :)

Remember this: Be grateful.

While I have know that being grateful is a noble way of life, I have recently become more aware of what it means to live in this disposition. When I am grateful for what I have and have been given, I feel grounded. And when I feel grounded I am at peace. It seems to me that an attitude of gratitude is more than being satisfied--it's ultimately about being at peace with your present life. Imagine what can emerge from us when we create from a place of peace. xo-Nada     image: pinterest


"Your Acts Of Kindness Are Iridescent Wings Of Devine Love, Which Linger & Continue To Uplift Others Long After Your Sharing." ~ Rumi

One simple act of kindness can change a life forever!

Acts of kindness are iridescent wings.

Share your divine love & light! #Rumi

Acts of kindness...Divine love...

Your acts of kindness.....Rumi

🔷Rumi quote about kindness

Acts of kindness carry on

Quotes - Life In The Now

Absolutely love this quote...I say this to people all the time. It doesn't matter what you do, you will never make everyone happy and there will always be someone there to criticize you. So do what makes you happy and what feels right! Just as long as you are kind to others and your intentions are pure.

Wise words from a wise woman. this quote is now a part of my life. i love love love it

wise words. I hope my daughter, Eleanor, remembers this always.

Wise words from a wise woman. One of my favorite quotes.

A wise woman once said... This is my favorite quote.

Wise words from a wise woman. Story of my life.

Very wise words from a wise woman :)

wise words. Eleanor Roosevelt quote

Smart lady! #EleanorRoosevelt

wise words. Smart woman.

so true

This is such GOOD advice! Love this happy thought!

I need to remember this lol

How to have happier days.

kindness, happiness

Wow - so true!

heart mind

❥ so true!

happy day


This is so true, my reactions have cost me a lot. I learn how to control my reactions and not let it cost me anymore

It's not what happens to you but how you react to it that matters | Inspirational Quotes

All this time I thought these were the wise words of my dad and he cribbed em! :D

Visit to check out more of the best pinnable quotes & sayings!

So true... gotta try to remember this more often.

reactions matter

favorite quote

Life Lesson


For today.

Be soft. Do not let the world make you hard. Don't let the pain make you hate. Do not let the bitterness steal your sweetness. Take pride that even though the rest of the world may disagree, you still believe it to be a beautiful place. - Kurt Vonnegut

Be soft, don't let the world make you hard.--Kurt Vonnegut (Remember this - baby girl)

Inspirational Quotes. Don't let outside circumstances change who you are

Kurt Vonnegut. One of my favorite quotes of all time!


Oh this is so true. Or how you treat people you deem "subserviant" ie: waitstaff. I waited tables and it still amazes me that people think it's ok to abuse them. It's not...and if you do, then you SUCK!

Character is how you treat... This is so true, some people only treat others good if they think they can benefit from them in some way, and treat others like crap.

:: QUOTES :: simple yet so true #words #quotes #Quotes #Famous Quotes #Inspiration quotes #Inspirational quotes|

#positivethoughtsfortheday Character is how you treat... This is so true, some people only treat others good if they think they can benefit from them in some way, and treat others like crap.

So true!! This is my all time favorite quote!!!

So true #character #quotes #peopleperson

Great quote! So true!


I've heard that "photos are worth a thousand words," but oftentimes a few simple words resonate through my soul and weigh heavy on the heart. Here are some words of wisdom and a few of my favorite quotes. Read on:


Actions speak louder then words!!!!!!!! So true, and let intuition that internal GPS you have, guide you!! Listen and follow its direction, it will not steer you wrong. <3

Actions speak louder then words #truth so true.....and I'm paying attention this time around, props to meeeee!

Pay attention to how people treat you, not what they say to you, actions speak louder than words!

Action's speak louder than words! quotes. wisdom. advice. life lessons.

Pay attention ...action speak louder than words. #payattention #actions

Pay attention ...action speak louder than true!!

So true. Actions speak louder than words. Remember this!

pay attention #quote #saying #truth

Wise words. Actions speak.

Always remember...

Braver Stronger Smarter 2X as Beautiful the truth every girl should hear

I am braver, stronger, smarter and more beautiful than I think I am.

.good for a girls room! Want my daughters to be confident!

Inspirational quote by Winnie the Pooh.

I have to remember this for my girls.

Braver, Stronger, Smarter, Beautiful.

I'd love this for my girls rooms.

braver, stronger,smarter....


Everyone is Someone. I try to think about this quote when I see strangers because it's so easy to minimize people we don't know. Remember, everyone is and was loved by other people. They have family and friends and we need to always try to show respect, kindness, and understanding towards them even if we don't know them.

When you look at a person, any person, remember that everyone has a story. Everyone has gone through something that has changed them. So don't judge.

@Swapnil Patel, remember when i told you this about every guy I walked past on campus and how I thought this exact's so true.

This quote is so beyond true. We all have something that has changed us... We act the way that we do because of the things we have been through. Don't judge me by my actions when you don't know the reasons that I do them.

This is one thing that will always make my jaw drop. The thought that the billions of people on this earth, all have their own story, their own thoughts and fears and sadnesses. I'm one out of so many, and the complexity of my brain is crazy enough, it's crazy to think everyone is just their own EVERYTHING.

Never judge a book by its cover I was always told. I've learned a lot of good advice from people others wouldn't even think of looking at. People have many flaws and make mistakes everyday till people are ready to own up and take responsibility for them. Remember there are two sides to every story and until the real truth is spoken by all, things shall remain the same and nothing gets fixed, resolved or accomplished in life,love,friendships,relationships or finances. Lies only impede progress.

Be kind & thoughtful! People have endured things you don't even know about.

remember this.. it's so true.

Yup #words #quotes #sayings

So True...don't judge.


Some people use how they "feel" as an excuse to be rude, cruel, insensitive and even abusive. Walk away from these people. Taking anger or hatred out on another person is abusive. If someone is rude or cruel, their actions toward you are THEIR responsibility.

Good advice. You are always responsible for how you act, no matter how you feel. Remember, that.

So true. Some people need to remember this more than others!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Always.....wish some people would remember this simple thought.

so true!!! you can only control your own actions!

So excuses for being mean :( Lol!

Good advice. No excuses!!! excuses

Good life lesson


Worrying is like a rocking chair. It gives you something to do, but it doesn't get you anywhere. #wisdom #quotes #sayings

Inspirational Quotes: Worrying is like a rocking chair It gives you something to do but doesn't get you anywhere

Worrying is like rocking chair #inspiration #quotes #life www.michigancreat... - P.S:You can lose weight fast using these natural drops from->

Oh, so, true! . . . SOoo "Don't worry about ANYTHING . . ." Phil.4:6

This is our grandson's favorite quote. So TRUE!!

Worrying is like a rocking chair... so true!

Stop worrying! #Quote #Worry #RockingChair

Wise words I should listen to...

so true...stop worrying

we underestimate power of kindness Leo Buscaglia

Leo Buscaglia - quote used in my nursing app <3 gotta love it

Inspirational quote--Leo Buscaglia..

underestimating the small things

Remember the little things...

random acts of kindness...

Leo Buscaglia quote

My favorite quote

Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around. -Leo Buscaglia This inspirational quote by Leo Buscaglia

Theres no reason to miss someone from your past theres a reason they didnt make it to your future life quote - Collection Of Inspiring Quotes, Sayings, Images | WordsOnImages

Good kind of wrinkles

My wrinkles will be in the perfect place no matter what. And I'll keep them there if I so desire. Come at me, laugh lines! *blows raspberries* =)

Wrinkles - LAUGH A LOT! Make sure your wrinkled are in the right place when you get older.

If you laugh alot, when you get older your wrinkles will be in the right places.

Wrinkles in all the right places: something everyone can look forward to!

We'll get wrinkles anyway, why not have them in the right places.

this is a true way to age gracefully

One of my favorite quotes:)


If you laugh a lotwhen you get older your wrinkles will be in the right places laughter quote - Collection Of Inspiring Quotes, Sayings, Images | WordsOnImages

I should have had this in my room...pretty much throughout my 20's. :)

Positive & Inspirational Quote: "Don't do something permanently stupid just because you are temporarily upset"

"Don't do something PERMANENTLY stupid just because you are TEMPORARILY upset." This is a quote worth remembering! So true !

Don't Do Something Permanently stupid just because you are TEMPORARILY upset! technology rocks.

don't do something permanently stupid because you are temporarily upset.. SO TRUE

fun signs for the classroom technology rocks. seriously.: School Signs

technology rocks. seriously.: School Signs

Good advice. Make note.

just a thought

Dont be afraid I should have had this in my room...pretty much throughout my 20's. :) Inspirational quotes Tribal Fusion Belt- Smoke and Mirrors- 39-42 Inches- Shi Shas, Tribal Belly Dance, Vaudeville, Heavy Beadwork. $325,00, via Etsy.