Bombs on Barcelona. Spanish civil war.

  • Rufino Lasaosa

    Bombardment of Barcelona in 1938 by the Italian air-force during the Spanish Civil War. #Spain #war

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Marina Ginestà, retratada con 17 años, de miliciana con el fusil al hombro en una terraza de Barcelona, tomado por el fotógrafo Hans Gutmann

Soldiers read posters in Barcelona calling women to arms during the Spanish Civil War.


Robert CAPA :: Two children left to their fate. Bilbao, Spain, May 1937

Members of the International Brigades fighting in the School of Medicine in the University City during the Battle of Madrid, December 1936.

GERDA TARO: Two Republican soldiers with a soldier on a stretcher, Navacerrada Pass, Segovia front, Spain. Late May-early June 1937. Gelatin silver print.

SPAIN. Spanish Civil war. Boy wearing cap of the FAI (Iberian Anarchist Federation), Barcelona, August 1936. Gerda Taro

Republican soldiers, Valencia, June 1937. Gerda Taro.

Part of an exhibition on 100 years of anarchism in Spain. Women volunteer militia from the Spanish Civil War. Interesting that I have chosen to tell a child's story in a war where there a masses of strong stories of women fighters. Something for the future perhaps.

Republican militiamembers in Barcelona, Spain ca. 1936. Photo by Robert Capa.

Spanish Republican troops at Guadalajara, 1937 - Spanish Civil War

Robert Capa, Spanish Civil War, Barcelona 1936. The boy is wearing a cap of the Steel Battalions, of the "Union de Hermans Proletarios" (Union of Proletarian Brothers), an anarchist militia.

Spanish Civil War: MADRID, Spain—A building destroyed by Italian-German air raids. The Nationalist offensive on Madrid, which lasted from November 1936 to February 1937, was one of the fiercest of the war. During this period, Italy and Germany started helping the Nationalist forces while the USSR aided the Popular Front government, winter of 1936-’37.ROBERT CAPA

Hemingway in the Spanish Civil War

Spanish civil war. XIX century nuns corpses digged out and exposed by an anticlerical movement in Barcelona

Spanish Civil War. :: A Republican farmer defending a farm on the outskirts of Irun against Nationalist forces during the Spanish Civil War, 6th September 1936. A comrade lies dead by his side. (Photo by Keystone/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Battle of the Ebro river (July 25th to August 3rd 1938) during the Spanish Civil War by David Seymour

Spanish Civil War Republican militiamen posing with nun mummy from tombs desecrated at the Convent of the Conception of Toledo, circa 1936-39

An officer aiding an elderly

Two brothers militians expect the enemy hiding behind a low wall


Paul Senn. The mother / Spanish refugee woman (her home is destroyed, sons are at war, one is dead), 1937. semioticapocalyps...

Spanish civil war

Franco's troops entering republican areas. #Spain #war

Guillermo F. López Zuñiga, Guerra Civil Española