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    A German soldier lies dead during the Battle for Rome, 1944. Carl Mydans

    A German tank in Piazza del Duomo, Milan, 1943

    Jewish Brigade soldier Joseph Wald, holding an artillery shell bearing the inscription “Gift for Hitler”. Italy, 1944/1945

    African American`doughfoots' of the 92nd Infantry (`Buffalo') Division pursue the retreating Germans through the Po Valley. German forces in Italy have since capitulated unconditionally, 5/1945 Date:05/1945

    Men of the 2nd Seaforth Highlanders advance along a road near Noto, Sicily, Italy.11 July 1943. #WWII #War

    Italian Catholic priests and civilians stand amid the ruins of a church at an unidentified location, late 1944. Dogged resistance by retreating German forces caused great damage to residential areas, which often became the scene of brutal fighting.

    German paratroopers with FG 42 rifle and MP 40 submachine gun in Italy guarding a cache of captured weapons, 1943. Among the pile there is a Lewis gun (light MG - the dark cylinder on the left foreground). Note the camouflage oversmock worn by the para in the foreground. Both carry the standard issue Zeiss field glasses.

    COMMONWEALTH FORCES ITALY 1944 (NA 13384) A New Zealander poses with his sniper rifle in the ruins of Cassino, 26 March 1944.

    BRITISH ARMY ITALY 1944 (NA 13274) Staged reconstruction of infantry clearing buildings in Cassino, Italy, 24 March 1944.

    Battle Cassino January-May 1944 (NA 14733) British 4.2-inch mortars in action at the start of the final offensive on Cassino, Italy, 12 May 1944.

    Battle Cassino January-May 1944 (NA 12895) Second Phase 15 February - 10 May 1944: Indian troops pass bomb shattered buildings on the outskirts of Cassino town.

    BATTLE CASSINO JANUARY-MAY 1944 (NA 12032) Second Phase 15 February - 10 May 1944: Attempts by New Zealand and Indian troops in the aftermath of the first air raids failed and the battle was broken off on 18 February 1944. Indian stretcher bearers bringing a casualty down a mountain track on the following day.

    NEW ZEALAND FORCES ITALY 1944 (NA 12552) A Vickers machine gun crew of the 2nd New Zealand Division in action during attacks on German positions at Monte Cassino.

    BATTLES MONTE CASSINO JANUARY - MAY 1944 (MH 1984) Troops of the 2nd Polish Corps throwing grenades at the enemy during heavy fighting around Monte Cassino.

    A British Universal Carrier Mk I comes ashore with troops and guns during the invasion of Sicily on 10 July 1943.

    American medics treating Italian girl near the Volturno River, 1943. In "On Distant Shores," Tech. Sgt. "Hutch" Hutchinsons cares for Lucia, a little Italian orphan, at the 93rd Evacuation Hospital in the Volturno area.

    Royal Tank Regiment Sherman tanks, in fixed positions under camouflage nets, in use as artillery in the Anzio bridgehead, 5 May 1944. #worldwar2 #tanks

    American armor moves up the Appian Way during the drive towards Rome, WWII.

    1943- Group of German paratroopers rest and chat about their "remarkable deed" after rescuing ex-dictator Benito Mussloini from a prison in Northern Italy.

    1944- German soldiers who were captured by the Allied 5th Army in Castleforte, #Italy. #WWII #War

    Cassino: The “day after” of one of most fierce battles of the WW2. Spring 1944. #WWII #War #Italy

    A German anti-aircraft gun crew keep watch in the snow covered hills near Monte Camino. #Italy #WWII #War

    A U.S. soldier of the Allied Fifth Army fighting the Germans in western Italy repairs a telephone line broken during a snow storm, Ca. 1944. #Italy #WWII #War

    Troops eating and drinking in Tronia, Sicily 1943/Robert Capa #Italy #WWII #War

    Sgt. H.E. Cooper, 48th Highlanders of Canada. August 11, 1943, Sicily (