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Photograph taken by the rear-facing camera of a No 77 Squadron Whitley during its attack on U-705 in the Bay of Biscay, 3 September 1942.

The second pilot of a No 502 Squadron Whitley VII gives his skipper a helpful push as they climb aboard their aircraft, at the start of an anti-submarine patrol, August 1942. The camera just visable poking out of the hole in the fuselage was used to record the effectiveness of U-boat attacks – a standard F24 camera was mounted vertically and fitted with a mirror to give it a rear-facing view.

Survivors of U-981, sunk by a Coastal Command Halifax after striking a magnetic mine in the Bay of Biscay, crowd the deck of U-309. August 12, 1944.

On 30 August 1942, the Japanese ordered the 20,100 prisoners of war in Changi Jail, Singapore, to sign an undertaking not to escape. The POWs refused and they were crowded into Selerang Barracks (which had accommodation for 120) until they signed under duress on 4 September. The photograph shows the crowded Barrack Square during what became known as the ‘Selerang Incident’.

Aerial photograph taken from Short Sunderland Mark III, EK586 'U', of No. 10 Squadron RAF during an attack on German type VIIC submarine U-426 in the Bay of Biscay. The U-boat is down by the stern and sinking after six depth charges straddled her stern. The captain of EK586, Flying Officer J P Roberts RAAF, was awarded an immediate DFC on his return to Mount Batten, Devon.

A spreading patch of burning oil and petrol on the surface of the water, following the shooting down of a Junkers Ju 88 by Bristol Beaufighters of No. 248 Squadron RAF over the Bay of Biscay.

Joseph Goebbels scowling at photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt after finding out he’s Jewish, 1933

Lieutenant Frank L. Dubervill of the Canadian Army Film and Photo Unit, holding an Anniversary Speed Graphic camera in England (May 11, 1944)

Okinawa, 28 May 1945 by Marine Corps Archives & Special Collections, via Flickr. The caption on this photograph reads "Indifferent-Completely ignoring that fact that his camp is half submerged by heavy Okinawa rains, Marine Staff Sergeant A.S. Barnacle, of Minneapolis, Minn., stands knee deep in water to shave at his "Rube Goldberg" washstand." From the Photograph Collection (COLL/3948), Marine Corps Archives & Special Collections OFFICIAL USMC PHOTOGRAPH

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Denis and Mother- Uniformed WWII Air Force- 1940s Vintage Photograph

Uniformed Air Force officer posing with his Mother. May 1944.

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Hiroshima, 6th August 1945

Hiroshima, 6th August 1945 . Photo by Yoshito Matsushige from 1.6 miles away.

A mother shows a picture of her son to a returning POWs. Vienna. 1947. Photograph by Ernst Haas.

The London Auxiliary Fire Service fighting a fire near Whitehall road caused by an incendiary bomb. Photograph by William Vandivert. London, 1940.

A striking portrait of two civilian firefighters, one male, one female. Both are wearing their Fire Guard armbands, long overcoats and steel helmets. The straps of their gas mask cases can also just be seen. This photograph was probably taken in October 1941. Educationfrom Education

Japanese-American Internment at Manzanar During WWII

US Naval Cadet Nurse Kay Fukuka / Photograph taken at Manzanar by Ansel Adams, 1943

"An 8 year old Italian boy removed detonators from German hand grenades. As the the Allies moved up the peninsula, there were huge quantities of ordinance scatted by both sides all over Italy." 1944.