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If you ever wanted just one more day to do something, see someone, or change the past, you'll relate to this story.

Paxton loves this one!! He gets so excited when "Mr Brown" makes the different noises. :)

"sometimes when you sacrifice something precious, you're not really losing it. you're just passing it on to someone else." ohh i just love this book! it talks about life and how you live it.

Richard Scarry books (and I think I even had placemats too) - still awesome. :)

It's nice that all my books can fit in my pc and Kindle but nothing beats the sight of them piled high on the floor and stuffed into bookshelves like in a second hand bookstore.

constantly in the middle of a book (haven't been kindle swindled yet!)

11a.) She loves reading with all her heart. Books are one of her only sources of education and education is very important to her.

17 Books We Loved In 2013, want to find something new and exciting. Discovering a new author or book is always thrilling

Sometimes old friends are the best friends.