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devils waiting for the Last Judgement Livre de la Vigne nostre Seigneur, France ca. 1450-1470 (Bodleian Library, MS. Douce 134, fol. 67v )

Illustration of a Devil found in the 13th century medieval manuscript Codex-Gigas. According to legend the book was written by a monk who sold his soul to the devil so in order to complete the manuscript in one night, and so complete the task which would let him off his execution (by being walled in alive) for breaking his monastic vows.

Bodleian Library, MS. Douce 134, f. 67v (‘Lucifer (composite devil with many heads) being judged by Christ in majesty, while the saints intercede for him’). Livre de la Vigne nostre Seigneur. France, c. 1450-1470

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CTHULHU SEAL Necronomicon page occult demon magick dark spirit vampire horror

occult magick fantasy art | ... SEAL Necronomicon page occult demon magick dark spirit vampire horror

'The Fortress of Faith': Valenciennes - BM - ms. 0244 f. 027. Alphonsus de Spina, La Forteresse de la foi. France, 15th century.

“In Canavesio’s vivid fifteenth-century mural in Notre Dame des Fontaines in La Brigue, France, we witness Judas hanging from an olive tree after the betrayal of Jesus. While a demon is shown extracting a miniature replica of Judas from the entrails of the suspended body of the betrayer

Le Déluge. Saint Agustin. La Cité de Dieu. Miniature de Maître de L'Échevinage. Rouen, troisième tiers du XVe siècle. Manuscrit sur vélin, avec miniatures et lettres ornées (47 x 34,5 cm) BNF, Manuscrits, français 28, f. 66v.

Krampus: The Christmas demon. God love the Germans (and my heritage)... all other cultures share stories of sugar plum fairies for good children, leave it to the Kraut's to turn it around and threaten their children with a Christmas demon.