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Each book is bound with 108 translucent cards (pages) containing Japanese sutra calligraphy, Xerox images, digital images, text, butterfly wings and leaves. Each page of the book is constructed by layering used tea bags and bee's wax. Using these materials made each page translucent and look like liquid yet stiff like cardstock.

from Royal Design Studio

Fabric Damask Wall Stencil

Ashlie Kindra of A Fabulous Finish - Faux and Decorative Finishes created this fab mixed media canvas art piece called "Funky Love Story". It was done with waxes, papers, plasters, acrylics and our Fabric Damask stencil!

There is something about fiber layered, stitched, layered some more, hand stitched . . . love it! Thanks for sharing Cristelle! -- Christelle Hervieu