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    Just re read pin, which i do often, the one with bum up, so love how you make me feel when i read your comments, you make my heart smile BIG TIME, just wanted you to know ❤ I Love You so much!!!

    ❤️ You ❤️California street ❤️ Ashtanga yoga❤️ & your morning contrail ❤️ make me smile. Je T ' aime ❤️

    be happy

    ★ Ok really, the main reason why i repinned this is because of the star thingy. I have no clue how to make those and i thought it was super cool. That is all.

    My Smiles...

    You are EVERY lovely word I could possibly think of. So, I was quite surprised that not only had you come on pinterest, but that you pinned so many things for me! And when I saw this one I kinda just started crying. You are wonderful, and I love you!

    If going with tree decor, use thick paper like this, use homemade dyes or paints, to create the leaves. Leave them blank and add memorable moments as baby grows. Keep leaves and put in book as gets older replacing original ones on wall with new blanks.


    gentleman's guide #43 - a gentleman should always remind his lady that she will always have something other women do not; his heart

    you are my bucket list.


    I love you, Thursday will work, don't worry. and when you're there, try to make tAe best of your time, whenever I feel like I don't need God is always when my life takes a turn for the worse and I find out I need Him even more.

    I miss the way you used to talk to me. We'd talk for hours about nothing and I could tell that you genuinely wanted to talk to me. Now we talk for 5 minutes at a time and I can't tell if you even want to be there anymore..

    I smile like an idiot when I think about you.

    You Make My Heart Smile

    do you ever just think about someone and immediately get really happy because their more existence is a source of joy to you?

    The trouble with trouble is, it starts out as fun.

    You make my heart smile.